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Herds At War!

     #EpicSkidmarks, Two Herds at War! Race cars, trucks, caravans and even cows online in your browser. From the original indie developers of Skidmarks and Super Skidmarks, making the long awaited sequel, #EpicSkidmarks. You’ll be able to play this racing game with your friends on any device, including in your HTML5 enabled web browser, such as your iOS device, iPhone, iPad, or your Android smartphone or tablet. A Samsung phone or Huawei, Sony Nokia, LG, HTC, DORO touchscreen would be perfect too. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Safari are all supported. We’re also planning to launch on PS4 and Xbox One. Or you can play the original 16 bit games on the 16bit hardware like on the Amiga (both ECS and AGA), CD32, CDTV, Megadrive or the unreleased versions for Atari Jaguar and Playstation I. There’s a tonne of cars in game already, muscle cars, beetles, huge trucks and trailers and caravans. Plus the secret robo car! We’ve got more on the drawing board, tanks, fork lifts, formula one, a roadster and even cows like in the original. There’s an in-game chat window where you chat with other racers, or share strategies and co-ordinate new features to be voted into the game. Did you team win? Lose? Exciting stuff! Will you be Red Herd or Herd Yellow? It’s kind of like an MMO. Now that we’re in full 3D, we’ve included lots of detail into the auto/car models that simply wasn’t possible using the 16 bit technology. Things like after market tow bars, exhaust pipes, headlights, moving wheels, windshields, chassis, cam shafts, seats, glass, trims, fairing, oil spots and even realistic tyre tracks. I like to think they make the car go faster! Lets talk about virtual reality. #VR. Two modes, A “God View” where you see the entire track in miniature in exquisite detail. You can move through the tracks and it’s a bit like those model rail road tracks. There’s also an in-car view as well. Super motion sickness. Strictly invite only for #WebVR on HTCVive, OculusVR, daydream and perhaps even Magic Leap. The game is #retrogaming tough, and loads of fun. All the original maps are making a return. Plus plans for a map editor which might bring new circuits to the original amiga version. There’s a plan for an amiga port too. Can you imagine racing #VR against classic amiga hardware? Some of the companies involved with the original skidmarks franchise here in New Zealand include Modka Games, Acid Software, Vision Software and Guildhall Leisure in the United Kingdom. We’re both digital nomads and made in NZ. There’s also an autonomous vehicle mode, a kind of autopilot, for when you let go of the controller! What’s it developed in? No unity here! It’s threejs.org, with lightmaps and ambient occlusion calculations from blender. #XBRZ upscaling, A custom 360 viewer for our low poly game art. Onscreen it looks 2.5D or perhaps 2D. But underneath it’s all 3D. Oh, and #Effekseer too. They rock! You can find some development screenshots by searching for #screenshotsaturday. After the race, try the in-game youtuber tools where you can build a shot-by-shot replay, watch the action again from any perspective, and upload directly to youtube or twitch. Are you on twitter? Perhaps you like @fortnitegame, @EA, @racingapexgame, @play_games, @racinginvictus, @bugbeargames, @hutchgames, @steam_games, @playstation, @majornelson, @NintendoAmerica, @videogamedeals, @Formula1game, @KotakuDeals, @Polygon, @GameSpot, @geoffkeighley, @KazHiraiCEO or @MissingBytes? Are you into #racinggames or #hotwheels? You’ll love #EpicSkidmarks, Two Herds at War!!